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SEO & SEM Services

SEO & SEM Services

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential to the marketing success of any website. What you do and say on your website dictates how well everyone else will find your website, and when they get there, you will be able to showcase your business strengths. It takes time to get a site off the ground and be found in the natural listings on search engines. There is no guarantee of first page or even first spot placement for any given keyword, but I have made it happen before with several clients.

There are so many variables that determine where your site will show up, and those change all the time. There is always new competition springing up, the search engines change their algorithms to determine placement every six months, and saturation of keywords in any given market always affect SEO performance. I have five years experience building up SEO for client's websites, and know what it takes for onsite and offsite optimization. Let me help increase your website's reach and presence online.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a great way to get instant traffic to your landing pages. After performing keyword analysis on your website and the competition, the best keyword group is used with a corresponding budget. This amount varies between keywords, and more importantly, industries. SEM can supplement traffic to your website while your natural rankings are being massaged and grown. Do you sell products or provide competing services? SEM can help bring in those wary internet travelers who are trying to find the best business for their needs. Contact me today and get the attention your website deserves.